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    I was born and raised in an Armenian family in Isfahan, Iran. Despite discovering my passion for art in an early age I finished my high school education in biology and was accepted in a university in my hometown. Even though I loved my major, but I was not able to finish school due to my immigration to the United States of America in 2009. 
I spent my first two years learning English before being hired by Hai Tech Lasers where I worked for the next 10 years helping the company as a designer and laser operator.
In 2013 I started attending classes in Glendale Community Collage and then transferred to California State University Northridge where I received my BA in Art in 2020.
Now I am looking forward to help my clients to grow their business brands and identity.
In my free time, I volunteer for a nonprofit organization, working out, running, reading, traveling and playing soccer with my friends.
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